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Google Forms to Calendar - Create Google Calendar Events on Google Form submission

What is Form Director?

Form Director is a G Suite add-on that directs data submitted from Google Forms to applications like Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Email, Trello, Slack, QuickBooks etc.

It is available in the G Suite Marketplace and Chrome Web Store. Please check installation instructions to install the add-on.

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google

Google Calendar suggests meeting times and integrates seamlessly with Gmail.

Shareable calendars designed for teams.

Google Forms to Calendar: Use Case(s)

> Create Google Calendar Events on Google Form Submission

Google Forms

Create Event on Form Submit

Form Director

Google Calendar

Demo Video: How to create Google Calendar Event from Google Form submission?

Setting up Google Calendar in Form Director

Choosing App and Service

  • Select Google Calendar from the list of applications

  • In order to create an event select Create Event under Service

Choosing Calendar

  • Choose the Calendar from the list of calendar in which you need to create event

What is All Day Event?

  • Choosing All Day Event will create event for the whole day

  • Note: If you are creating a Full day event, you do not need to enter start time and end time of the event

Configuring Time Zone

Google Forms' Date and Time fields do not keep timezone information.

So you need to provide time zone settings to create events on correct time as per time zone.

  • It requires the users time zone to create Calendar events correctly.

  • There are two ways you can configure your time zone

  1. Single

  2. Multiple

Single Timezone

This method allows to Configure your time zone in the add on.

  • Choose your time zone in the list of time zones

  • By Default Form Director will try to guess your time zone

If all your Google Form users are from same time zone you can use this method

Multiple Timezones

This method allows the Form Submitter to choose his time zone

  • Choose the list of time zones you need to insert in the Google Form

  • Choose which Form Field accept time zone value, you can also create a new Form Field which can collect time zone value

  • Click on Setup timezone in form to insert the time zone form field

Important Note: Multiple timezone will be useful if we want to accept the form responses from global users (people from multiple timezones). Use this only if it is really required.

Note: Please ensure the timezones are setup in the form by Form Director. Do not make any changes or add your own text in the timezone form field set up by Form Director.

Adding Guests to Calendar Events

  • Specify the list of people you need to add as Guest to the Event

Note : Emails Address should be comma(",") separated

Sending Event Invitation to Guest

  • Turning on Send event invitations will send invitation to your event to the guests

Choosing event color

  • Choose in which color your event should appear in the list of colors

Show user as Free/Busy

  • Events marked Busy will be visible to others (the level of detail visible depends on the calendar settings), while events marked Free won't even show up for others.

  • Default is Busy

Set event duration

  • This option will automatically sets the event End Date based on the duration provided.

  • No mapping asked for End Date inside Edit Mapping because it calculates the End Date based on duration settings.

  • Duration can be set as Minutes, Hours and Days with duration.

Advanced Calendar Services

Add Conference

Add a Hangouts Meet conference by enabling "Add Conference" under Advanced Calendar Services

Add Visibility

Choose the visibility of the event by enabling "Add Visibility" under Advanced Calendar Services

  • "Default" - Uses the default visibility for events on the calendar. This is the default value.

  • "Public" - The event is public and event details are visible to all readers of the calendar.

  • "Private" - The event is private and only event attendees may view event details.

Add Reminder

Add a reminder to remind yourself and your guests before the event starts


Choose in which way you need to remind, there are two ways

1.Remind through Email.

2.Remind through Notification


Specify before how much time you should be reminded


Choose when to remind, you can configure to remind before minutes, hours, days and weeks

Setup Mapping

  • Mapping of form fields to that of Calendar fields is to be done in order to create an calendar event

  • Click on the add icon to add new mapping

  • Once you have done mapping you can save the service

  • Note : Mapping should be done between app field and form field of same type.

Email Template

  • Click Edit Email Template and edit the template as required.

  • Select the type of attachment you need to send with email.

  • The Email Template looks like the following.

  • Enter your Email and customize the template.


  • Click Pick Drive Files to attach files to the email.

  • Click Save to save the services.

Sample Output

The following is a sample event created in calendar.

Supported Application Fields

  • Title - Name of the Event

  • Start Date - Date when the Event Starts

  • Start Time - Time when the Event Starts

  • End Date - Date when the Event Ends

  • End Time - Time when the Event Ends

  • Start Date Time - Date and Time when the Event Starts

  • End Date Time - Date and Time when the Event Ends

  • Description - A detail about the Event

  • Location - Location of the Event

  • Attachments - Add attachments to events by mapping the app field to a file upload Field


  • Date and Time Fields

    • If your form contains date and time type fields separately then you can map these fields to start date, start time, end date and end time.

    • If your form contains datetime type fields then you can map to start date time and end date time

    • If you map date and time fields separately, you do not need to map datetime fields and vice versa.

  • If you set automatic duration then you no need to map end date, end time or end date time mapping

  • Start Date and End Date can be mapped to single field in the form if the event is ending the same day.

  • Start time and End time are not required All day event.