Use Case: Invoice

Build your Resume from a templated Google document and send to employer / yourselves via email on submission of Google Form.

Step 1: Prepare Invoice template

Below is the template of Invoice written as Google Doc. Please note the dynamic fields in ${field} format. These will get replaced with actual values submitted in the form based on the mapping configured in Form Director.


Step 2: Prepare a Google Form

Prepare a Google Form that collects invoice inputs such as quntity,unit price etc.

See below for the Google Form.

Step 3: Configure Form Director

Configure Form Director with "Google Docs" Publish Document service.

  • Install Form Director from Gsuite Marketplace

  • Open Form Director and select Google Documents from the list of apps .

  • Choose a template from which you want to generate the document. The app fields (fields in ${name} format) are automatically taken from the template for mapping.

  • Choose the folder in which the generated documents should be saved.

  • Click on Setup Mapping and assign the app fields to the corresponding form fields.

  • Total price1 Calculated Mapping Configurations

  • Sub Total Calculated Mapping Configurations

  • Net Total Calculated Mapping Configurations

  • Switch on Send on document generation to send an email during a successful event creation.

  • Click on Edit Email Template and customize your email template so that you will receive the notification mail according to the email provided in the template.

Step 4: Test the form

Test the form by submitting sample data on the form in step 2.

Adjust your Template, Form Director configuration for Fields mapping, Email templates etc., till you get to the perfection of output and email that you wanted.

Generated Invoice Form Link : Form Link

Feel free to try this form by submitting some data.

Please use a valid email address so that the generated PDF will be sent to that email.

Sample Generated PDF Output :

Invoice_02_03_2019_06_53 AM

Step 5: Roll it out.

Start using the Google Form and roll it out to other users or your audiences as appropriate.

That's it.

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