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What applications are supported in Form Director?

Please see Apps Page for the currently supported applications. We are continuously adding more and more applications into Form Director.

Database related

Can you connect to more than one table from one form?

Yes, of course. Simply create as many as services of "Database" app and choose different table in each service. If you need to insert into 2 tables, then create 2 services connecting to database, choose the table and map the fields to be inserted. In fact, different services can connect to different databases or different type (MySQL, Oracle etc) of databases. You have complete flexibility.

Connectivity Issues

I am not able to connect Form Director with my database. Why?

Please check whether your connection credentials are correct (host, user, password, database). Check whether your database is connect-able from Internet and access enabled. Check with your database administrator if you are not sure.

For more details on connectivity, please check Database Browser FAQs & Support Page

When will my services get executed?

Once your form is filled and submitted your service gets automatically triggered and save the data based on your configuration

In case of any errors, there will be an email sent to all editors of the Form with details of error message.


Please check FAQ above and other documentations before making a support request.

To submit a support request, use the Contact Us Form (recommended)


You can send email to support@jivrus.com