Custom Email Providers


  • What is Email Provider ?

  • What Providers are supported ?

  • How to configure each Provider ?

  • Why do you need Email Providers ?

What is Email Provider ?

An email provider basically is a provider of email hosting. It implements email servers to send email for other organisations or end users on their behalf.

What Providers are supported ?

  • Gmail Email Provider

  • Amazon SES Email Provider

  • Mailgun Email Provider

  • Sendgrid Email Provider

How to configure each Provider ?

  • Click the Menu icon from Form Director setup.

  • Select Settings form the list of Menus.

  • You can see email providers section there.

  • click on the "plus" button to add new email provider.

  • You can see list of email providers in drop down.

  • On click of the email provider it will ask for the credential.

  • You can provide the relevant credentials.

  • You can test your credentials by clicking on "Test" button.

  • Similarly we can configure other email providers.

Why do you need Email Providers ?

  • Email Service Providers are built to handle large volume email sends both in terms of size and speed.

  • Email clients (Gmail, etc) and corporate mail servers have limitations on the number of recipients that can be included on an email and how many emails you can send in a time period.