Switch On/Off Form Director & Services

Switch On/Off Form Director & services whenever you need.

Switch On/Off Form Director

"Activate Form Director" switch

This is a master switch to keep form director alive to execute all your services.

  • When Form Director is opened for the first time, this switch is On.

  • Users can switch On/Off Form Director whenever required.

  • When Form Director is switched On it will get activated and services can be executed.

  • When Form Director is switched Off it will be disabled and services will not be executed.

Transferring User

If user wants to run Form Director from another account.

  1. Open Form Director settings with currently running email account

  2. Switch off "Activate Form Director"

  3. Open Form Director from the new email account

  4. Switch On "Activate Form Director"

Then Form Director will start running from new email account.

Switch On/Off Services

  • Users can add 'n' number of services in Form Director.

  • The users can Switch on/off a particular service whenever required.

  • If the Switch is turned on the services will be activated and ready to be executed.

  • If the Switch is turned off the service will be disabled and will not be executed.