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What is Form Director?

Form Director enables users to build powerful automation and workflows on Google Forms.

“Form Director” is an add-on application for Google Workspace that directs your Google Form submissions to Google Workspace apps like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, etc, and external systems like Database, Trello, Slack, Asana, HubSpot, PayPal, Webhook, Insightly, Quickbooks & many more.

Key features include:

It is a product from Jivrus Technologies

Popular Use Cases

Organize form uploads into Google Drive template folder structure

Create Google Contacts from form data

Insert a record into my database table from form submission

Collect and Create leads in my CRM system

Create a Trello Card work item from Google Form

and a lot more...

Popular Apps

These apps are popular among the comprehensive list of supported apps

App Categories

The supported apps are categorised into Accounting, Database, CRM, Productivity, Marketing etc. to help users to navigate easily.

Look what our customer says

"The Form Director app is the best thing that ever happened to Google Forms! I found it easy to understand and set up thanks to the documented features. Our business takes in information for many different people and purposes, and this app in particular has helped us standardize and automate our information flows. They also provide great support"


"This is a great app! It solves common data entry and workflow issues by pushing data captured in google forms to variety of destination systems. The owner and developer, Michaes, was extremely helpful in troubleshooting when we ran into a minor technical issue. It's refreshing to get support from someone who actually knows the product they are selling inside and out. I will continue to use this add-on and recommend it to others.  " 

~A User Of Form Director

"Form Director AND it's tech support team are top-notch! The add-on works great. I'm using it to collect 5 shift requests per volunteer for a team of 30 volunteers every month. Form Director adds these to a google calendar without a hitch. I initially found a minor bug but I contacted their tech support, they replied multiple times the same day and by the end of the day they had updated the code and it worked like a charm. Solid add-on from solid developers. Thank you Form Director!  " 

~A User Of Form Director

"Form Director is just what my company needed to integrate Google Forms with our Slack channels. There are a lot of great features you can use to customize. Additionally, the customer service is EXCELLENT. So glad we paid for the Pro version!   " 

~A User Of Form Director

"WHAT AN INCREDIBLE APP AND TEAM! I am transferring over from a similar add-on, due to lack of functionality and efficient customer service. The team at Form Director has helped support a smooth transition, including building out the add on to include a substantial additional feature that my former add-on had, all in under a week from my initial inquiry about the possibility of adding the feature. I am really impressed and happy I made the transition." 

~A User Of Form Director

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Who needs Form Director ?

Overall, Form Director will make your Google Form data dance to your tune.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Form Director work with the Gmail account?

Yes, Form Director works with both consumer (Gmail) and Google workspace accounts.

How do I buy a license?

You can buy a license at pricing page through PayPal or Stripe.

How many apps are supported?

Form Director integrates with 50+ apps and we are continuously adding to it.

Do you provide support?

Yes, we are a keen listener to support for any issues or new features. Reach our Support here

Can I direct one form response to multiple apps?

Yes, you can create multiple services in Form Director to direct the form responses to as many any applications.

How do you achieve connecting with many apps?

We have very powerful mapping features that help you to do 6 different ways of mapping fields. This eases working with any app.

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