Looking for Form Approvals Alternates?

If you are looking for an alternative for Form Approvals that has more features than Form Approvals and is also cost-effective then,

Form Director is the best alternative to Form Approvals.
Form Director does a similar job as Form
Approvals plus many more additional features and integrates with 35+ apps. Form Director has easy to use GUI and naturally integrates with multiple apps/services from a single form.

What is Form Approvals?

Form Approvals is a Google Workspace add-on that turns Google form submissions into interactive workflows

What is Form Director ?

“Form Director” is an add-on application for Google G Suite that directs your Google Form submissions to Google Workspace apps like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, etc and external systems like Database, Trello, Slack, Asana, HubSpot, PayPal, Webhook, Insightly, Quickbooks & many more.

"I have used it but I recommend it for everyone to use it is very good 👍 ..

Please you are missing the the simplicity of automation. I use it to automate my reporting from Google sheet to telegram.. Try it out "

~ ndoboli joshua

The above-mentioned comment is given by one of our customers in Google Workplace Marketplace with a 5 star rating. For him, Form Director is very much useful for his daily automation.

Why does Form Director stands above Form Approvals?

Now we will compare the features of Form Approvals and Form Director then you will come to know that Form Director is the best alternative for Form Approvals.


Form Director

Form Approvals

Connects with Google workspace apps

Connects with external apps

Create multiple services in a single Form

Approval Workflow

Use results from previously executed services

Execute based on conditions

Response Manager

Send customized emails

Variety on mapping methods

Switch on & off services whenever required

Use Field Picker to assign dynamic value.

Response auto increment

Variety of pricing plans

Error notification email

Control when to open or close form to accept responses

Custom Email providers

What users feel about Form Director

"Excellent service. Its a time-saver for our company. We collect infomation via survey and notify the user of the survey upon completion. Form Director enables our company to more easily to collect and analyze survey data in real time."

~Vince B

"Incredibly useful ad-on. Automatically creating a Trello card from Google Form has cut out loads of manual handling around job submission.... allows us to focus on delivering the work. A very smart ad-on. "

~Eddie Sheppard

Form Director has multiple pricing plans (Pro, Premium, Business, Enterprise, and Group) and frequency (monthly & yearly). So user has the choice to select the required plan for their situation.