Global Approval

What is Global Approval?

Approval in Form Director is a powerful feature that facilitates collaboration within teams and enables decision-making regarding service execution. 

It enables efficient collaboration, transforming Google Form submissions into approval workflows that incorporate global-level decision-making. It streamlines communication, tracks approvals, and rejections, and ensures that services are executed based on established standards and strategic considerations.

With Global Approval in Google Forms, services configured in your form require approval before execution. Enabling it triggers an approval flow after form submission, where the configured approver needs to accept. After approval, all services within the form are executed.

Global Approval Setup


Note: only Form Director owner can enable the Approval

You will see a success message

Basic Setup:

Note: Requestor detail are mandatory to setup Approval.


The major steps involved in the configuration are

Send Approval Request:

Send templated email approval requests to recipients.

Notify on Approval:

Send templated email to recipients when approved.

Notify on Rejection:

Send templated email to recipients when rejected.

Send Intimation to:

Send templated email to recipients about intimation.

Click on Done to confirm the config.

Sample Email Template

Save the Global Approval settings

One-click Approval vs Approval with comment

One-click Approval:

If you have checked one-click approval/rejection checkbox in service settings, you will receive an email with one-click Approve/Reject button

Approval with comment:

If you have unchecked one-click approval/rejection checkbox in service settings, you will receive an email with Approve/Reject button

Form Submission Approval Flow

Submit the Google Form.

Approval Request Email:




The approval status will get updated on the service header on response sheet:

Notify Email:

Approved/Rejected by Email: