"Form Director allows you to send your form responses to apps within and out of Google Workspace"

“Form Director” add-on enables data submitted from Google Form to other Google Workspace and external applications like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Database, QuickBooks, Trello, Insightly, Slack, Asana, HubSpot, PayPal, Webhook etc. 

Form Director add-on helps to direct google form responses from one source to the other. Currently Form Director supports 25+ applications. These applications are categorized into following categories

Supported App types

Turn your form submissions into Google Docs, Google Slides, PDF, Mails.

The  functionalities of Form director includes directing form response to the following

What apps Form Director can direct?

Applications and Use cases

Google Docs  

Use Case: Publish Proposals, Agreements, Invoices, Estimates, Contracts, Bills, Letters etc by submitting Google Form.

Google Slide 

Use Case: Publish sales & marketing presentations, pitch decks, monthly meeting slides etc by merging your template and form data.

Google  Sheet

Use Case: Create records in three different Google Sheet accessible by three different teams for each form submission.

Google Calendar

Use Case: Book an appointment, reserve a table, book a meeting by creating event from form submission. 

Google Contact

Use Case: Create your leads into your Google contacts.


Use Case: Create Customers, Orders, Tickets, Invoices, Payments, and literally anything on your Database table by  submitting Google Form.

Google  Task

Use Case: Create a todo item in your task, when a lead signs up on your web page.


Use Case: Send templated emails for confirming order submission to customer, project and delivery teams.


Use Case: Onboard your employees, vendors and customers on QuickBooks on form submission.


Use Case: Create a card on Trello board and organize the work items on form submission.


Use Case: Send SMS notification to Delivery Team on orders submitted in Google Forms.


Use Case: Create contact/ opportunity in Insightly when potential customers enquire a product in the website.


Use Case: Create leads  in Salesforce when potential customers enquire a product in your website that has Google Form embedded.


Use Case: Send new order notification on a Slack channel.


Use Case: Create a new task in Asana for delivering the ordered item.


 Use Case: Capture leads from your website into Contacts in Hubspot.

Other Key Features

Form Director supports 25+ applications. See more details in Apps page of Form Director.

Check Use Cases page of Form Director for more details.