Conditional Mapping Type

Conditional Mapping Type - Introduction

  • Users can arrive at value for App Fields based on conditions

  • Single or multiple conditions can be used to determine the result value to be assigned to an App Field

  • If no conditions are matching the default value is assigned.


  • Condition - a relational expression to compare fields or values

  • Result - a template or an expression to calculate the value

  • Condition Set - a combination of list of conditions and a result

  • Default - the value to be used when no Condition Sets are matching

How to Setup Conditional Mapping Type

This configuration needs to be done during Mapping.

  • Click Setup Mapping to start mapping.

  • Select the app field where the conditional result needs to be assigned.

  • Select the mapping type as Conditional

  • Conditional mapping can have condition sets.

  • Each Condition set has a list of conditions and a result.

    • Each condition set has a type of condition applied on first field, operator and second field.

    • The operators are shown here.

  • In Condition set the type can either be Templated or Calculated.

  • If field values are text then use Templated type.

  • If field values are numbers then use Calculated type.

  • You can choose first and second fields with dynamic values from field picker.

Result Field

  • Configure the result fields.

  • Result field may either be templated or calculated.

  • The default type of results is always calculated.

  • If any set matches the condition then the corresponding result field returns the value.

Default Field

  • Configure the default field.

  • Default field may either be templated or calculated.

  • The default type is always calculated.

  • If none of condition set matches, it will assign the default value.

Check Condition

  • Click check condition button to test your conditions.

  • Provide the sample inputs.

  • Click Test Expression to check the condition.

  • Click Save Map to save the mapping.