Execute service on condition

How do I choose and execute only applicable services when a form response is submitted?

What is Service Condition?

"Service condition" is a condition that needs to be met to execute the service. It is helpful to choose applicable services from multiple services and execute only those applicable services.

For example,

if the Order Type is Retail and the Order Amount is greater than 1000, send an email to the owner of the business. 

if Service Location is Remote, then create a Calendar event "Remote Working Setup" inviting system admin

How you can use Service Condition

Demo 1: Consider a situation in which you need to send form responses in Email to students of a particular school.

Demo 2: Consider a situation where you need to send notification if the form responses are from a particular domain only.

You can extend 'service condition' to as many as services. This provide you complete control on what services to be executed based on Form response.