Execute service on condition

How do I execute my service when a Form question is answered correctly?

What is Service Condition?

Service condition allows you to execute your services once the users answer to Form questions meet with your conditions.

How you can use Service Condition

Consider a situation in which you need to send Emails to people whose age is below 25

  • Create a Service to send mail using Mail app
  • Once the service is created click on the gear icon next to the service name
  • In the Opened Dialog choose the Form Question that accepts age , In our case it is Age
  • Choose the comparison operator, In our case it is less than
  • Provide the value that should match with the answer, In our case 25
  • Click on Save and Close

Your service will only get executed if the persons age is less than 25

You can extend 'service condition' to as many as services. This provide you complete control on what services to be executed based on Form response.