There are several plans available to choose from based on the usage. The usage is measured in terms of Transactions

What is transaction?

Users can configure one or more services in Form Director.

A transaction is measured as one successful execution of a service configured in Form Director. It encompasses all activities done within a service including notifications.

Form Director calculates the usage based on the number of transactions made for applying quota restrictions.

*All quota are subject to limitations of underlying Gmail/ GSuite account

Basic Plan (FREE)

Basic features of "Form Director" is FREE for basic usage and familiarising with Form Director

  • Quota per month

    • 100 transactions on Google Docs/ Slides/ Sheets (50 Docs, 25 Slides and 25 Sheets)

    • 25 transactions on Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Drive, Gmail.

    • 10 transactions in each of Other Supported Apps (e.g. Trello, Slack, Asana, Insightly, Salesforce etc)

*Quota may be revised without notice

Paid Plans

Lite Plan

Lite plan is for hobby users

Quota per month

Lite plan provides 250 transactions across all apps/month

Pro Plan

Pro plan is for Professional users needing more integration

Quota per month

Pro plan provides 750 transactions across all apps/month

Premium Plan

♥ most popular plan ♥

Premium plan is the most popular plan among Form Director users

Quota per month

Premium plan provides 3000 transactions across all apps/month

Business Plan

Business plan is for users who want to scale transactions

Quota per month

Business plan provides 10000 transactions across all apps/month

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise plan is for users who want the full potential

Quota per month

Enterprise plan provides 25000 transactions across all apps/month

Note: Transactions are calculated by summing up the number of usage of all apps in a month.

Pricing Plans

Note: Please provide your gmail or G Suite email id from which you will be accessing this add-on. On payment, your email will be automatically provisioned with the selected plan.

*Gmail or GSuite Quota that users need to be aware of:

  • Form Director runs on top of users' Gmail or GSuite user accounts and uses Google Services internally

  • Google has certain quota limits that users needs to be aware. Google can limit the usage of your service and apply rate limiting.

  • For example - Email Service - Google allows only 100 emails/day for Gmail users and 1500 emails/day for GSuite users

  • Please see Google Services Quota and Limitation for more details.

  • It is important that users understand that Form Director cannot override these Google Services Quota and Limitation

  • To Manage Email Quota limitation of Gmail, you can configure for any of the custom email providers .

  • To know more about Custom Email Providers please go through the next section.

Custom Email Providers

Users can configure custom email providers so that the emails are routed by those providers (in addition with Gmail)