Service Approval

What is Service Approval?

Approval in Form Director is a powerful feature that facilitates collaboration within teams and enables decision-making regarding service execution.

It enables efficient collaboration, transforming Google Form submissions into approval workflows that incorporate service-level decision-making. It streamlines communication, tracks approvals, and rejections, and ensures that services are executed based on established standards and strategic considerations.

With Service Approval in Google Forms, you can require approval for a specific service. Enabling this feature triggers an approval flow where the designated person needs to approve the service. The service execution only happens once the approval is granted.

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Approval Setup


Note: only Form Director owner can enable the Approval

You will see a success message

Basic Setup:

Note: Requestor detail are mandatory to setup Approval.


The major steps involved in the configuration are

Send Approval Request:

Send templated email approval requests to recipients.

Notify on Approval:

Send templated email to recipients when approved.

Notify on Rejection:

Send templated email to recipients when rejected.

Send Intimation to:

Send templated email to recipients about intimation.

Click on Done to confirm the config.

Sample Email Template

One-click Approval vs Approval with comment

One-click Approval:

If you have checked one-click approval/rejection checkbox in service settings, you will receive an email with one-click Approve/Reject button

Approval with comment:

If you have unchecked one-click approval/rejection checkbox in service settings, you will receive an email with Approve/Reject button

Form Submission Approval Flow

Submit the Google Form.

Approval Request Email:




The approval status will get updated on the service header on response sheet:

Notify Email:

Approved/Rejected by Email:

Detailed Sheet:

The detailed approval sheet will be created for each service.

Warning: Do not edit the sheet

Submit the Google Form.