Data Director Alternative

Looking for DataDirector Alternates?

If you are looking for an alternative for Data Director that has more features than Data Director and also cost-effective then,  

Form Director is the best alternative to Data Director.
Form Director does a similar job as Data Director plus many more additional features and integrates with 35+ apps with approval workflows. Form Director has easy to use GUI and naturally integrates with multiple apps/services from a single form.

What is Data Director?

Data Director is a Google Form's Add-On that will send emails, create PDF files, send data to different spreadsheets and make calendar events based upon how your users fill out their Google Form.

What is Form Director ?

“Form Director” is an add-on application for Google G Suite that directs your Google Form submissions to Google Workspace apps like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, etc and external systems like Database, Trello, Slack, Asana, HubSpot, PayPal, Webhook, Insightly, Quickbooks & many more.

"Perfect app for starting with automation. No programming required, easy setup, and straightforward interface.

Spending 5 minutes to set up an automation can save hours of work each week.

Learn how to use it well and it will serve you well."

~ Stop Financial Crime in Pinas 

The above-mentioned comment is given by one of our customers in Google Workplace Marketplace with a 5 star rating. For him, Form Director is very much useful for his daily automation. 

Why does Form Director stand above Data Director?

Now we will compare the features of Data Director and Form Director then you will come to know that Form Director is the best alternative for Data Director.


Form Director

Data Director

Connects with Google workspace apps

Connects with external apps

Create multiple services in a single Form

Create Calendar events

Approval Workflow

Send customized emails

Use results from previously executed services

Variety on mapping methods

Response Manager

Switch on & off services whenever required

Use Field Picker to assign dynamic value.

Attach PDF to calendar events

Variety of pricing plans

Error notification email

Custom Email providers

What people feel when they use Form Director:

"I mainly used it to build personalized documents after completion of a google form. It worked really well.  The technical side was straight forward after looking over the documentation." 

"This add-on is a great addition to allow me to revamp one of our Google Forms in order to send emails and track the requests in a Google Sheet. It is easier to use than the previous process we were using. The support is very helpful as well. Thank you all!!" 

Form Director has multiple pricing plans (Pro, Premium, Business, Enterprise, and Group) and frequency (monthly & yearly). So user has the choice to select the required plan for their situation.