What is Approval?

Approval in Form Director is a powerful feature that facilitates collaboration within teams and enables decision-making regarding service execution. With the introduction of global-level approval, the process becomes even more versatile.

It enables efficient collaboration, transforming Google Form submissions into approval workflows that incorporate both global(Form Level) and service-level decision-making. It streamlines communication, tracks approvals, and rejections, and ensures that services are executed based on established standards and strategic considerations.

Key features

Quick and easy

Simple steps with pre-configured but customizable templated emails.

Static & Dynamic Recipients

Choose recipients from static list or  dynamically  from  Field  picker.

Multiple Apps

Approval feature works on all of the apps supported by Form Director.

Deep Personalization

Email Templates can be personalized with in-depth with dynamic content.

One Click Approval

Present approval communications with one-click approve/ reject buttons


With the level of flexibility built-in, it is just a perfect fit for every use case.

Data Security

Your approval configurations are secured and staying in your Google Drive

Responsive Flow

Sites and Emails displayed in the approval process are responsive and works with any device


Detailed Manuals and Instructions are available with best-in-class support.

Optimizing Decision-Making: Approvals for Effective Workflow Management

Global Approval

With Global Approval in Google Forms, services configured in your form require approval before execution. Enabling it triggers an approval flow after form submission, where the configured approver needs to accept. After approval, all services within the form are executed.

Service Approval

With Service Approval in Google Forms, you can require approval for a specific service. Enabling this feature triggers an approval flow where the designated person needs to approve the service. The service execution only happens once the approval is granted.