Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What applications are supported in Form Director?

Please see Apps Page for the currently supported applications. We are continuously adding more and more applications into Form Director.


I am seeing no menu under Form Director add-on other than Help. Why?

This could happen if your internet connection is slow or too many add-ons installed or G Suite servers are slow.

Please check your internet connection and refresh / reload the Google Form and launch Form Director again. You should see a "Setup". If not retry refreshing/ reloading the Google Form.

Why my saved services and configurations are disappearing when I open the same configured Form again?

When you use Form Director, all configuration are are stored in the destination spreadsheet. If the destination spreadsheet is unlinked or deleted it loses all the saved configuration so that your services will be deleted. So If you open the Form again you will not be able to see your previous services.

  • To fix this, do not delink or delete the destination spreadsheet.

  • If you have done it accidentally, link the same destination spreadsheet to get back all services

When will my services get executed?

Once your form is filled and submitted your service gets automatically triggered and save the data based on your configuration

In case of any errors, there will be an email sent to all editors of the Form with details of error message.

I have setup everything but why my service is not getting executed?

I am not getting notification from Form Director. Why?

Please check the following

  1. Check whether Form Director is Activated. Refer Switch On/Off Form Director & Services for instructions. Try switching off and on.

  2. Check whether the user who setup Form Director (if other than form owner) is having edit access to the form.

  3. Check whether you have any Service Conditions that are not satisfied in the form response. Refer Execute service on condition for instructions

  4. Try reprocessing response using menu > Tools > Resubmit responses. See instructions at Reprocess old From responses

  5. If your service is executing and email is not sending. this could be email quota limit from Google. Please check Gmail Quota for more details.

If nothing above solves the issue

6. Clone the Form using menu > Tools > Clone. See instructions at Clone your services

If Form Director was working for the form earlier but not now, if could be due to transfer of Form or change in configuration. With the above steps, you can easily troubleshoot and fix it yourself. If you need support, please check the support section below to reach us.

When I create a Google Sheet service and execute it, the required file is created but it always include the Sheet 1 which is blank so the PDF file which is sent in email has the first page as an empty page. What should I do now?

Form Director usually identifies the default empty sheet with name "Sheet 1" and deletes it. In certain scenarios the drive language may be different so the default "Sheet 1" name will vary according to that so, Form Director will not be able to identify the default sheet and delete it. In this case, users can change the drive language to English and try it again.

Database related

Can you connect to more than one table from one form?

Yes, of course. Simply create as many as services of "Database" app and choose different table in each service. If you need to insert into 2 tables, then create 2 services connecting to database, choose the table and map the fields to be inserted. In fact, different services can connect to different databases or different type (MySQL, Oracle etc) of databases. You have complete flexibility.

Connectivity Issues

I am not able to connect Form Director with my database. Why?

Please check whether your connection credentials are correct (host, user, password, database). Check whether your database is connect-able from Internet and access enabled. Check with your database administrator if you are not sure.

For more details on connectivity, please check Database Browser Support Page

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