Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Form Director?

Form Director is an add-on application for Google Workspace that directs your Google Form submissions to Google Workspace and external applications like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Database, Trello, Slack, Asana, HubSpot, PayPal, Webhook, Insightly and Quickbooks & many more.

Can I use Form Director if I have a Gmail account?

Yes, you can use from Gmail account or Google workspace accounts.

What applications are supported in Form Director?

Please see Apps Page for the currently supported applications. We are continuously adding more and more applications into Form Director.

Quota and License

 What is meant by quota and usage in Form Director?

Quota refers to the limit provided on Form Director based on the current plan.

Usage refers to the successful execution of a service configured in Form Director.

 How usage is calculated in Form Director?

Usage is measured as one successful execution of a service configured in Form Director. It encompasses all activities done within a service including notifications. Refer below for records (rows) processed.

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How do I check my current usage? 

How do I check my remaining quota?

How do I see my account details?

You can check your current usage and remaining quota under the Usage section in Form Director

You can see the account details 

Does my plan get renewed automatically?

What is a transaction?

Users can configure one or more services in Form Director. 

A transaction is measured as one successful execution of a service configured in Form Director.  It encompasses activities done within a service including notifications. The total number of transactions is calculated by 

Transaction Calculation Example

For example, consider the below scenario 

Form Director calculates the usage based on the number of transactions made for applying quota restrictions.

*All quota are subject to limitations of underlying Gmail/ Google workspace account

Note: Transactions are calculated by summing up the number of usage of all apps in a month.

How is my usage calculated?

I see the quota is for a month. When does my quota reset?

I had purchased a Pro plan in Form Director and now I have upgraded it to Premium plan but my usage is not reset?

The usage resets on the 1st of every month irrespective of the subscription/ renewal cycle of the user. The quota is defined as per the current plan. If you want more quota within the calendar month, you need to upgrade to a higher plan. 

When you upgrade the plan, your quota gets increased as per the new plan, however, the usage gets reset only on the 1st day of the coming month. 

Free Quota of the Basic

Basic features of "Form Director" is FREE for basic usage and familiarising with Form Director

*Quota may be revised without notice

*Gmail or Google workspace Quota that users need to be aware of:

Custom Email Providers

Users can configure custom email providers so that the emails are routed by those providers (in addition with Gmail)


I am seeing no menu under Form Director add-on other than Help. Why?

This could happen if your internet connection is slow or too many add-ons installed or G Suite servers are slow. 

Please check your internet connection and refresh / reload the Google Form and launch Form Director again. You should see a "Setup". If not retry refreshing/ reloading the Google Form.

Why my saved services and configurations are disappearing when I open the same configured Form again? 

When you use Form Director, all configuration are are stored in the destination spreadsheet. 

You can navigate to destination sheet from Google Forms Responses by clicking on the Spreadsheet icon

If the destination spreadsheet is unlinked or deleted Form Director loses all the saved configuration. So if you open the Form Director after deleting the linked destination spreadsheet, you will not be able to see your previously configured services. 

Note: If you have deleted the spreadsheet and could not recover from Google Drive, you will need to recreate and configure the services in Form Director again.

Another case is that - If the logged in user does not have access to destination spreadsheet, then also Form Director cannot read and show the services. In this case, you can either share the destination spreadsheet with the logged in user or use Form Director from the user who has access to the destination spreadsheet.

When will my services get  executed?

Once your form is filled and submitted  your service gets automatically triggered and save the data based on your configuration

In case of any errors, there will be an email sent to all editors of the Form with details of error message.

I have setup everything but why my service is not getting executed?

I am not getting notification from Form Director. Why?

Please check the following

If nothing above solves the issue

6. Clone the Form using menu > Tools > Clone. See instructions at Clone your services

If Form Director was working for the form earlier but not now, if could be due to transfer of Form or change in configuration. With the above steps, you can easily troubleshoot and fix it yourself. If you need support, please check the support section below to reach us.

When I create a Google Sheet service and execute it, the required file is created but it always include the Sheet 1 which is blank so the PDF file which is sent in email has the first page as an empty page. What should I do now?

Form Director usually identifies the default empty sheet with name "Sheet 1" and deletes it. In certain scenarios the drive language may be different so the default "Sheet 1" name will vary according to that so, Form Director will not be able to identify the default sheet and delete it. In this case, users can change the drive language to English and try it again.

Why emails are blocked by Gmail and how to resolve them?

Gmail can block and bounce emails when it is sent using programs such as Apps Script or add-ons. For details and solutions, you can check our Article.

Why do we get the error "Service invoked too many times for one day: urlfetch"?

"UrlFetch" service error is from Google Service. Form Director uses the UrlFetch service to get data by sending requests to target applications through HTTP API calls.

Google service provides a maximum of 20k UrlFetch requests per day. If the Url requests exceed the daily limit, it will give this error. For more information about the Google service, you can visit the official document of Google here

And on the next day, it will work fine as you get a new daily quota from Google.

Why are attachments not showing up in email notifications?

Attachments may not be included in email notifications due to various reasons such as misconfigurations in the email template, storage limitations, or technical issues.

To fix this issue, check if the email notification template includes instructions to include attachments by checking the checkbox option.

Ensure that there are no storage limitations or space issues in the configured folder in the File Upload fields that might prevent attachments from being included."

How do I disable branding for applications?

To disable the branding, go to Settings, where at last you will see the Form Director Branding section. Within the section is switch "Use Form Director Branding", you can switch it off.

Note: Only paid users can on/off the branding switch. For basic users, the switch will always be on, and can't be turned off.

Database related

Can you connect to more than one table from one form?

Yes, of course. Simply create as many as services of "Database" app and choose different table in each service. If you need to insert into 2 tables, then create 2 services connecting to database, choose the table and map the fields to be inserted. In fact, different services can connect to different databases or different type (MySQL, Oracle etc) of databases. You have complete flexibility.

Connectivity Issues 

I am not able to connect Form Director with my database. Why?

Please check whether your connection credentials are correct (host, user, password, database). Check whether your database is connect-able from Internet and access enabled. Check with your database administrator if you are not sure. 

For more details on connectivity, please check Database Browser Support Page