Template - Mapping Type

Template - Mapping Type - Introduction

  • Template is a free flowing text with dynamic fields that will be replaced at the runtime of the service.

  • Template allows you to have multiple Form Fields from Google Form to be used to a single Application field.

  • In Templated message, users can use a Field Picker to insert Form Field, System Field, App Field etc.

  • It may also be used to set constant values for App Field

How to Insert multiple Form fields into Template Message

Click on the insert icon on the right corner and choose Form fields that you need to insert from the list

How you can use Templated Field?

Consider a situation in which you need to send a message to slack with the order data you have collected from the Form

Without Rich Text

With Rich Text

Templated Value after Form Submission

The above is an example of how we can use Templated Fields in Slack app, You can use this feature in all available apps in Form Director