Response Manager

What is Response Manager?

Response Manager is a comprehensive response management tool that helps to manage your submitted form responses.

The services that are available in Response Manager are

How to use Response Manager?

  • Click the Menu icon.

  • Click Tools from the list of menus.

  • Click Response Manager.

  • The submitted responses will be shown in response manager page.

  • Click the refresh icon to refresh Form responses.

  • Click the arrow icon for sorting the responses based on response submitted time.

  • Select the required response and click Reprocess to reprocess your form responses.

Search and Filtering

  • Click the Search icon to search the response by condition.

  • Mention the Response Id of your response.

  • Mention the Respondent Email.

  • Mention the Response from and to date.

  • Click Add Condition to filter by fields.

Edit response

  • Click Edit icon to edit your submitted responses.

This will open the submitted form where the response can be edited and refresh the response manager.

Clone response

  • Click the Clone icon to Clone the services.

This will create a copy of the selected form response and adds just below the selected response.

  • Click the Delete icon to delete the response.

This will delete the selected form response.

  • Reprocess will reprocess your old form responses and will run your configured services for that particular response.