Ver 2.94.0 - 19th January 2023 - Support for creating and updating service for all major entities in Copper

  • Users can now Create and update leads, people, projects, tasks, opportunities and companies

Ver 2.93.0 - 18th January 2023 - Copper enhancements

  • Introducing new entities in Copper.

Ver 2.92.0 - 9th January 2023 - New app integration: WebEx launched and custom field support for Zendesk

  • New Application Integration Launched - WebEx, users can create meetings add registrants to the meetings and send messages to the room on form submission.

  • Custom Fields Support for Zendesk.

Ver 2.91.0 - 27nd December 2022 - Major QuickBooks improvements

  • QuickBooks can now support multiple entities

Ver 2.90.0 - 22nd December 2022 - Airtable OAuth2, Personal Token

  • Airtable integration is further simplified to connect, users can use OAuth2 and personal tokens and configure the automation

Ver 2.89.0 - 08th December 2022 -

  • Form Director now integrates with to create boards and create items on boards

Ver 2.88.0 - 23rd November 2022 - Introducing Callouts

  • Form Director now becomes more accessible and user-friendly with the newly introduced callouts.

Ver 2.87.0 - 30th September 2022 - Salesforce support for more object updates

  • Salesforce will now support updating the records.

Ver 2.86.0 - Announcement, Reuse Folder in Drive

  • The Announcement is a new section where users can see the current announcements from us about the product e.g. new releases, offers etc.

  • While creating subfolders users can now reuse the same folder by name to upload attachments

Ver 2.85.0 - Standard expression "Case" introduced

  • The newly introduced standard calculated case will help users to make their text Lower, Upper, and Titlecase.

Ver 2.84.0 - Improve mapping and form field creation performance, Email provider improvement

  • Field Mapping now has a performance improved with the new Google Forms API.

  • Users can now disable the Gmail Provider while configuring multiple email providers.

Ver 2.83.0 - 07th September 2022 - Embed File Upload images in email, initial flash message, usage videos

  • Now users can embed the images inside the email template along with the attachments.

  • Users can also view the product videos inside the application configuration.

Ver 2.82.0 - 31th August 2022 - QR Code, MailChimp as an email provider, Date Difference expression and Start date support in Trello

  • Users can now generate and add the QR code to the generated documents (Google Docs, Slides and Sheets).

  • MailChimp is now supported as another custom email provider similar to Amazon SES, MailGun, etc.

  • Users can now add a date difference function to the standard calculated expressions.

  • Trello cards can now be created along with the start dates

Ver 2.81.0 - 11th August 2022 - Support File uploads in Approval Emails

  • Now users can attach the file uploads to the approval emails by selecting it from the email template.

Ver 2.80.0 - 01st August 2022 - LinkedIn Application Support

  • LinkedIn Application support - Users can now integrate LinkedIn and post articles, images and Messages on their activity or pages.

Ver 2.79.0 - 21st July 2022 - Approval Attachments and ToDoist App Integration

  • Approval Attachments - Approval now Supports attachments of generated Google Docs/Slides/Sheets.

  • Todoist App integration - Users can now integrate the Todoist Application, to create a task and project.

Ver 2.78.0 - 07th June 2022 - Re Approval/Reject, Rich Template mapping, Cell Image in Sheets, DOB in Google Contacts

  • Re Approval/Rejection - Approvals now can be configured to Re-Approve/Reject.

  • Rich Template Mapping - Users can map the templated field mapping with Rich text values that can be edited from Rich Text Editor.

  • Users can now configure to insert an image inside a cell in Google Sheets.

  • Google Contacts now supports Date Birth along with Birth Day, Year, Month Users can choose either one to map the Birth Date.

Ver 2.77.0 - 26th May 2022 - Google Calendar improvements

  • Avoid Time Conflicts - In Google Calendar Event Creation, this new feature will allow you can avoid the overlapping of events and send a configured email notification for changing the scheduled time

  • Allow Guests to modify the event - Enable the guest to modify the event in Event Creation.

Ver 2.76.0 - 17th May 2022 - Telegram improvements and Lookup improvements

  • Telegram Improvements - Now users can send images/files/audio/video to the telegram group

  • LookUp Improvements - users can now choose the output to be displayed like comma-separated, bulleted, and numbered in the lookup configuration.

Ver 2.75.0 - 31st March 2022 Support for Twitter Media attachments

  • Now you can send attachments through Twitter

Ver 2.74.0 - 1st March 2022- Introducing SQLServer via Jivrus Cloud

Ver 2.73.0 - 18th February 2022 - Google Forms to Notion Integration

  • Now you can integrate with Notion from Google Forms to create records in Notion database on Form submission.

Ver 2.72.0 - 31th January 2022 - Google Forms to ClickUp Integration

  • Now you can integrate with ClickUp from Google Forms to create ClickUp Tasks, Lists, Folders, and Goals on Form submission.

Ver 2.71.0 - 18th January 2022 - ActiveCampaign, Service Condition, and Calculated Mapping Improvements

  • ActiveCompaign Improvements - Contact can be linked with a list from mapping\configuration.

  • Service Condition Improvements - supports system fields as a question title also in service condition.

  • Calculated Mapping Improvements - supports Format as Number option also in calculated mapping.

Ver 2.70.0 - 3rd January 2022 - Introducing Pipedrive

  • Now you can able to integrate with Pipedrive - create Pipedrive Deals, Leads, Persons, and Organisations on Form submission.

Ver 2.69.0 - 15th December 2021 - Google Drive Improvements

  • Now Google Drive service can support rename feature.

Ver 2.68.0 - 29th November 2021 - Database improvements

  • Support for premium databases.

Ver 2.67.0 - 16th November 2021 - Google Calendar improvements

  • Support for Weekly and Monthly recurring events in Google Calendar.

Ver 2.66.0 - 11th November 2021 - Approval improvements

  • One-click approval/rejection - Now users can add a comment on Approval/Rejection.

Ver 2.65.0 - 13th September 2021 - Approval and Google Calendar improvements

  • Now Google Calendar and Event can be overridden from mapping.

  • Now Services can be executed before or after approvals.

Ver 2.64.0 - 29th September 2021 - Google Calendar improvements

  • Now Google Calendar service can support event recurrence.

Ver 2.63.0 - 21th September 2021 - Google Document improvements

  • Now you can list the selected items as bulleted or numbered on Google Document.

Ver 2.62.0 - 15th September 2021 - Form Approvals(beta) and Google Slide improvements

  • The Form Approvals feature has been introduced. Click here to explore.

  • Now you can list the selected items as bulleted or numbered on Google Slide.

Ver 2.61.0 - 07th September 2021 - Improvements on Calculated mappings type

  • Calculated mapping type Improvements - Now you can increment/decrement any Form Date field or Datetime field.

Ver 2.60.0 - 30th August 2021 - Improvements on Slack and Stripe

  • Stripe Improvements - Now you add Until Day field on Invoice creation.

  • Slack Improvements - Now you can add drive attachments on Form submissions.

Ver 2.59.0 - 27th August 2021 - Improvements on Slack and Google Sheets

  • Slack Improvements - Now App fields support attachments in Slack

  • Google Sheets Improvements - Now you can insert an image in Google Sheets on Form Submission.

Ver 2.58.0 - 24th August 2021 - Improvements on Asana and Calculated mapping type

  • Asana Improvements - Now App fields support custom fields in Asana

  • Calculated mapping type Improvements - Now you can increment/decrement System Date field.

Ver 2.57.0 - 3th August 2021 - Introducing Discord and Improvements on Stripe, Google Drive

  • Introduced new feature - Discord into Form Director for sending messages to channels in Discord on Google Form submission.

  • Stripe and Google Drive Improvements.

Ver 2.56.0 - 26th July 2021 - Improvements on Stripe, PayPal, and Mapping

  • Introduced new service - Now you can Create a Stripe Quote on Form Submission.

  • Now you can add multiple items on PayPal Invoice creation.

  • Fields Mapping improvements.

Ver 2.55.0 - 19th July 2021 - Improvements on Zoom, Stripe and PayPal

  • Introduced new feature - Zoom into Form Director for adding participants in Zoom on Google Form submission.

  • Stripe and PayPal Improvements.

Ver 2.54.0 - 13th July 2021 - Introducing Zoom and Improvements on Stripe

  • Introduced new App - Zoom into Form Director for creating a meeting in Zoom on Google Form submission.

  • Create Invoice on Stripe- Now you can Create an Invoice on Stripe and send it for a Payment.

Ver 2.53.0 - 14th June 2021 - Label fields for Google Contacts

  • Added Label Fields - Now we can add/create Label fields in Google Contacts by field Mapping

Ver 2.51.0 - 7th May 2021 - Drag and drop to reorder services

  • Now we can reorder service on the services list by just Drag and Drop

Ver 2.50.0 - 4th May 2021 - Support For More Zoho Books Objects and Fixes

  • Introduced new Services - Now we can create Projects, Tasks, Items and Time Entries in Zoho Books.

Ver 2.49.0 - 29th April 2021 - Introducing Zoho Books and Improvements on Hubspot

  • Introduced new App - Zoho Books into Form Director for creating records in Zoho Books on Google Form submission.

Ver 2.48.0 - 26th April 2021 - Added More Services to Freshworks CRM

  • Introduced new Services - Now Freshworks CRM supports adding new Tasks and Sales Activities.

Ver 2.47.0 - 22th April 2021 - Freshworks CRM integration

  • Introduced new App - Freshworks CRM into Form Director for creating records in the Freshworks CRM on Google Form submission.

Ver 2.46.0 - 23th Feb 2021 - Zoho CRM integration

  • Introduced new App - Zoho CRM into Form Director for creating records in the Zoho Modules on Google Form submissionUruiVIfn8bFCSRAt6lDA7g.

  • Slack scopes updated

  • Single Destination Spreadsheet can now be used for multiple Google Forms without any issue in Form Director configuration

Ver 2.45.0 - 6th Jan 2021 - Custom Email Providers - MailGun and SendGrid beta launched

  • Enhanced Custom Email Providers and support multiple attachments for MailGun and SendGrid

  • MailGun and SendGrid - beta launched

Ver 2.44.0 - 28th Dec 2020 - Static attachments to Calendar Events.

  • Ability to insert attachments on creating Calendar Events.

Ver 2.43.0 - 21st Dec 2020 - Add Guest in Calendar Event and Assign Member to Trello Card.

  • Now you can add guest's to existing Calendar Event

  • Ability to assign members on creation of card in Trello

Ver 2.42.0 - 19th November 2020 - Conditional Mapping type introduced

  • This helps to arrive at a value for App Fields based on conditions.

Ver 2.41.0 - 12th November 2020 - Support For External Email Providers

  • Now Form Director allow you to add Custom Email Providers

  • Custom Email Providers are built to handle large volume email sends both in terms of size and speed

  • External Email Providers: Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid

Ver 2.40.0 - 10th November 2020 - Enhanced Database Connection Management

  • Now Form Director allow you to Edit and delete the database connections

  • Database connections can be reused across services in a form

Ver 2.39.0 - 1st November 2020 - Revised Quota Policy Launch

  • We simplified the Quota Policy to make it easy to understand and flexible to use.

Ver 2.38.0 - 30th October 2020 - Use Folder from Service Result on Google Docs, Slides, Sheets

  • Now you can choose folder from service result in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets

Ver 2.37.0 - 26th October 2020 - Use Folder from Service Result on Google Drive

  • Now you can choose a folder from service results in Google Drive Service

Ver 2.36.0 - 16th October 2020 - Drive app support for templated folders structure

  • Now you can apply Templated Folder Structure to copy contents (files & folders) from a Template Folder into a newly created folder in Google Drive

Ver 2.35.0 - 16th September 2020 - Intelligent Mapping Improvement

  • Now you can automatically add app fields to Google Form

Ver 2.34.0 - 3rd September 2020 - Slack Enhancements to support Image and Attachments

  • Now you can add Images and Attachments to Slack message

Ver 2.33.0 - 29th July 2020 - Edit mapping enhancement

  • Ability to modify the width and height of the image

  • Supporting lookup, templated, calculated and service result in Insert as image configuration

Ver 2.32.0 - 8th June 2020 - Edit mapping enhancement

  • enhancement in intelligent mapping.

  • Supporting Quiz scores and points in the system field

Ver 2.31.0 - 2nd June 2020 - Email template and ActiveCampaign enhancement

  • Ability to add embed HTML in email template

  • Supporting tag in ActiveCampaign Contacts

Ver 2.30.0 - 2nd June 2020 - Google Chat/ Hangouts

  • Now you can send messages to Google Chat/ Hangouts on Google Form Submission.

Ver 2.29.0 - 28th May 2020 - Telegram

  • Now you can send messages to Telegram on Google Form Submission.

Ver 2.28.0 - 27th May 2020 - Twitter

  • Now post a tweet in Twitter on Google Form Submission.

  • Improved connection experience for Trello

Ver 2.27.0 - 19th May 2020 - Email template enhancement

  • Ability to add Buttons and links in email template

  • Improved form uploaded attachments to email

Ver 2.26.0 - 7th May 2020 - New Price Plans

  • New Lite Plan introduced in addition to Pro, Premium, Enterprise and Domains/ Groups plans

  • Lite plan helps the hobby users to do experiments. Read more on Pricing

Ver 2.25.0 - 23rd Apr 2020 - New Mapping Type - Lookup

  • Supports new mapping type 'Lookup' in the Mapping GUI

  • This enables Lookup value to be coming from an external source (ex: Google Sheets)

Ver 2.24.0 - 15th Apr 2020 - formatting of templated names enhancement.

  • Ability to apply Formatting for Number, Date, Time and Date-time fields with different Formats and Timezone in templated name.

Ver 2.23.0 - 6th Apr 2020 - Field picker enhancement

  • Support App fields and Service results in Field Picker

  • This enables usage of App fields and Service results in Email Templates, Mapping and other template areas as dynamic fields

Ver 2.22.0 - 31st Mar 2020 - Add attachments from previous service results

  • Ability to add files/attachments from previously executed service results.

Ver 2.21.0 - 16th Mar 2020 - Google Sheets enhancement

  • Ability to publish using entire Google Sheets as template

  • Ability to add publish sheet into existing Google Sheets

Ver 2.20.0 - 6th Feb 2020 - Cloning the service.

  • Ability to clone the service from list of services.

Ver 2.19.0 - 6th Feb 2020 - Formatting for date/time in email template.

  • Ability to apply Formatting for Date, Time and Date-time fields with different Formats and Timezone in Email template.

Ver 2.18.0 - 14th Jan 2020 - Mandatory app fields verification.

  • Ability to show all the mandatory app fields based on app configuration.

  • Ability to save the mapping configuration only if all the mandatory app fields are mapped.

  • Display all app fields count and mapped fields count in the Edit Mapping GUI.

Ver 2.17.0 - 8th Jan 2020 - Insert as link Enhancements.

  • Ability to use Insert as link option for text and paragraphs in Google Docs and Google Slides.

  • Ability to type Display name if you want to show the link/URL as text in Google Docs and Google Slides.

Ver 2.16.0 - 3rd Jan 2020 - Google Calendar and Email template enhancements.

  • Google Calendar:

      • Ability to configure Event Duration automatically.

      • Ability to map Date Time type form field.

  • Email template:

      • Ability to add all Form Fields in the form of text and table to email template message editor.

      • Upgraded template message editor (TinyMCE) to the latest version.

Ver 2.15.0 - 19th Dec 2019 - Error Notification settings

  • Able to configure who should be notified if your service fails.

  • The Form Owner or Shared Drive Organizers will always be notified.

  • Ability to configure Form Collaborators.

  • Ability to configure Specific Emails and add multiple To and Cc emails.

  • The Jivrus Support can be notified if you want our Team to investigate why you get this specific error and get back with a possible solution.

  • Ability to include/exclude Form Data.

  • See Error Notifications for more details.

Ver 2.14.0 - 29th Nov 2019 - GUI Improvements on fields mapping

  • Display Form and App Fields with a standard icon.

  • App Fields and Form Fields type validation

  • Alert the user for incompatible types with a "Valid but incompatible type" message.

Ver 2.13.0 - 26th Nov 2019 - Share Generated Folder and Fields GUI Improvement

  • Ability to share generated folders with multiple email recipients.

  • Picker GUI for Form fields and System fields improved.

  • Ability to reset Field and Form Auto Increment values

Ver 2.12.0 - 14th Nov 2019 - Support publishing into several formats

  • Ability to store published google docs, sheets and slides into several formats in the drive.

  • Ability to attach published google docs, sheets and slides into several formats.

Ver 2.11.0 - 11th Nov 2019 - Share published files automatically

  • Ability to share generated files with multiple email recipients.

  • Ability to share generated files with email recipients from form response.

  • Ability to share generated files with email recipients from the system (Form Respondent, Form Author etc)

Ver 2.10.0 - 7th Nov 2019 - Error Email Notification Enhancement

  • A Beautified error email notification with more information like Error Details, Form Fields, App Fields, and System Fields.

  • Support for custom fields in SalesForce App

Ver 2.9.0 - 5th Nov 2019 - Trello Enhancements

  • ability to add attachments to card

  • ability to add checklist to card

  • support custom fields

Ver 2.8.0 - 1st Nov 2019 - Salesforce Enhancements

  • Added new service "Create Contact"

  • Added new service "Update Contact"

  • Added new service "Update Lead"

Ver 2.7.0 - 30th Oct 2019 - Enhanced Support for Shared Drive (Team Drive)

  • Shared Drive(Team Drive) Support enhanced

  • Google picker can pick templates for Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets from Shared Drive

  • Destination folders can be shared drive folders

Ver 2.6.0 - 16th Oct 2019 - New Price Plans and Grid Support

  • New Price plans for Business, Enterprise and Domains/ Groups added

  • Multichoice Grid and Checkbox Grid are supported for mapping at row level to app fields

Ver 2.5.0 - 18th Sep 2019 - New Service "Publish Sheet" in Google Sheets App

  • New service "Publish Sheet" added in Google Sheets App to generate new Google Sheet from a template

Ver 2.4.0 - 12th Sep 2019 - Google Slide and Contact Apps Improvement

  • New service "Append Slide" in Google Slide App

  • Ability to insert image in Google Slide

  • Contact App improved to support more contact information.

Ver 2.3.0 - 6th Aug 2019 - Service Chaining

  • Ability to use results from previously executed services.

  • For example, generate a Google Doc by merging form data with Google Doc template and create a Trello Card with the URL of the Doc in the description of the card.

Ver 2.2.0 - 29th Jul 2019 - Service Conditions

  • Execute service when only certain conditions met

Ver 2.1.0 - 25th Jul 2019 - Shared Drive Support, Cloning Form

  • Shared Drive Support -

  • Cloning Form and Services -

Ver 2.0.0 - 17th Jul 2019 - Major Version Release

  • Mail App enhancements - Attach Form uploads and Drive files in email

  • Full round of testing and many apps moved from beta in to Generally Available category

  • Improved User friendliness and smooth usage.

  • Bug Fixes, Performance and Stability improvements

Ver 1.24.0 - 3rd Jul 2019 - Contacts App Enhancements

  • Now Contacts App in Form Director is upgraded with People API and it supports more new features.

Ver 1.23.0 - 28th Jun 2019 - Clio and BaseCamp

  • Now create leads in Clio on submission of Google Form.

  • Now create task in BaseCamp on Google Form Submission.

Ver 1.22.0 - 26th Jun 2019 - Salesforce

  • Now create customers in Salesforce on Google Form Submission.

Ver 1.21.0 - 25th Jun 2019 - Twilio

  • Now users can send Send Message via twilio on submission of Google Form.

Ver 1.20.0 - 24th Jun 2019 - Copper

  • Now create leads, and create people in Copper on Google Form Submission.

Ver 1.19.0 - 21st Jun 2019 - ZenDesk and ActiveCampaign

  • Now users can create ticket in Zendesk on submission of Google Form.

  • Now users can create in Active Campaign on successful Form submission.

Ver 1.18.0 - 20th Jun 2019 - WebHook and Google Drive

  • Now create a folder in google drive and save attachments to it on successful Form submission.

  • Post data to any web URL on Google Form submission.

Ver 1.17.0 - 13th Jun 2019 - Apps mash

  • Smartsheet, Airtable, Stripe, PayPal, MailChimp

  • Now create record in smartsheet on submission of Google Forms.

  • Create new record in Airtable on submission of Google Forms.

  • Now create customer, create invoice item and invoice in stripe on Google Form submission.

  • Now create Draft invoice in Paypal on Google Form submission.

  • Create contacts in list on submission of Google Form.

Ver 1.16.0 - 28th May 2019 - Google Calendar Enhancements

  • Add conference, Add visibility, Add remainder features have been added in Google Calendar app.

  • Choose in which color your event should appear in calendar by choosing event color.

Ver 1.15.0 - 14th May 2019 - Google Docs - New Service - Append Docs & Image insertion

  • Append docs services adds your generated document to an already existing document.

  • From now on you can insert images into your google document.

Ver 1.14.0 - 3rd May 2019 - HubSpot App

  1. Now create contacts in Hubspot CRM on successful submission of Google Form.

Ver 1.13.0 - Apr 2019 - Asana, Slack App

  • Now create a task for a particular project in Asana on Google Form submission.

  • Now send your form responses to slack channels on Google Form submission.

Ver 1.12.0 - 27th Mar 2019 - Insightly App

  • Create Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Projects in Insightly app on successful Google Form submission.

Ver 1.11.0 - 20th Mar 2019 - Intelligent Mapping

  • During mapping Form Director automatically maps app fields and form fields which are same.

Ver 1.10.0 - 13th Mar 2019 - Demo and Setup Wizard

  • We have added Try Demo and Start setup in Form Director .

  • With Try Demo you can select the app that you need a demo and try it out.

  • With Start setup you can select the app you need and start configuring it.

Ver 1.9.0 - Feb 2019 - Trello App

  • Now create trello cards, list, boards in trello on successful Google Form submission.

Ver 1.8.0 - Jan 2019 - Calculated Fields

  • Now you can calculate app fields from your form fields by using 'Calculated fields' feature (Sum, Diff, Average)

Ver 1.7.0 - Dec 2018 - GUI Improvements

  • A Menu List has been created nearby your profile, it provides details about account, payment, usage etc.,

Ver 1.6.0 - Nov 2018 - Reprocess Responses

  • Now you can reprocess your old form responses and run your services for that particular response.

Ver 1.5.0 - Oct 2018 - New App - QuickBooks

  • Now create employees, vendors and customers on Quickbooks on Google Form submission.

Ver 1.4.0 - Sep 2018 - Timezone Enhancements to Google Calendar

  • New timezone's has been created for international users for standard time.

Ver 1.3.0 - Aug 2018 - Notifications Feature

  • Success Notification : If a form is submitted successfully a success notification email will be send to customers.

  • Failure Notification : If there is a failure in form generation a Error email will be send to customers.

  • Email Template : Now you can customize the email template as required for your users.

Ver 1.2.0 - Jul 2018 - Commercial Launch

Form Director is made commercial with several pricing plans.

Ver 1.1.0 - May 2018 - Additional set of Apps

Form Director introduces 4 new apps Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Tasks.

  • Google Slide app helps you to publish presentation by merging form data with Google Slide template.

  • Google Calendar app helps you to create or schedule any calendar event based on google form submission.

  • Google Contacts app enables you to create contact from form data obtained from form submission.

  • Google Task app helps you to create tasks and task lists from the form data obtained from form submission.

Ver 1.0.0 - Apr 2018 - Initial Version

The Initial version of Form Director was released with three apps Google Docs, Google Sheets, Database.

  • Google Docs app helps you to publish your form response in your desired document as per the mapping.

  • Google Sheets app helps you to insert a row your form response in your desired sheet as per the mapping.

  • Database app helps you to insert form response as a record in in your desired database table as per the mapping.

Ver 0.1.0 to 0.9.0 - Nov 2017 - Apr 2018 - Product Ideation, Conceptualisation and MVP

All the hard stuff here.