"Great app! It has made my automation for my business easy. Thanks"

~ Willie Snead III

"Very good support, questions are answered quickly and well." 

~ Ruben Sinzig

"Technical support was very helpful.  They stuck to the task until they had resolved my problem.  It's nice to know they are there to help me out when I can't resolve issues on my own." 

~ David Hagel

"Great app with correct pricing, very supportive team when you ask questions." 

~ Ben Maes

"Nous avons utilisé ce module complémentaire dans le cadre d'un projet de cours pour envoyer des mails au superviseur et nous avons vraiment apprécié!! Surtout le fait qu'il y a la possibilité d'ajouter les questions et les informations informations remplis dans le mail. Je vous le recommande ! Merci à toute l'équipe pour les excellent travail." 

~ Yemima Compaore

Translation: "We used this add-on as part of a course project to send emails to the supervisor and we really appreciated !! Especially the fact that there is the possibility to add the questions and information information filled in in the email. I recommend it! Thank you to the whole team for the excellent work."

"This is an awesome tool!  It helps keep me organized with my recruiting candidates.  If I have an issue the team resolves it quickly!"

~ Matthew Stearn

"I would recommend this to anyone who needs to create complex forms. Works great!" 

~ Stephen Lemon

"Works great for sending form notifications to Slack. Support team is responsive and replies quickly. Good product!" 

~ James M

"Thank you for this great product with a fast and easy conversion of google form data to a proper looked format. Your product has helped us a lot." 

~ Lim Wion

"Thank you very much. I was able to solve the problem of booking the use of special rooms available in my school." 

~ Zulkifli am

"Form Director has helped automate so many processes...leave of absence requests, LPDC management, certificate/license renewal reminders, even open enrollment! It is incredibly user friendly and they continue to add new features all the time. I don't have to worry about setting 20 different reminders to check the different spreadsheets to see if I need to add something to a calendar or add information to a document and then email that information to someone as Form Director does all of that for me automatically. It's AMAZING!!!!  And the customer service is quick and helpful and invites suggestions for new features. I won't go without Form Director again and Jivrus in general! Thank you!!!"

~ Melodie McVey

"This app worked for me. Am able to set up a system to automatically- generate a well formatted pdf based on the form filled, and -send it on email. Bit of a learning curve, but results were good and very helpful for me and the nonprofit helpline I volunteer at."

~ Daksha Bhat

"I needed an add-on to convert a form output to a good looking PDF by using a template. I was using Form Publisher but found it restrictive with few easy options to send an form output to multiple people. I tried Form Director and found it to be superb. It was very easy to customize outputs for specific customers and email options were what you would expect. You can cascade functions with "Services" so you can, for example, output a form as a PDF (Service 1), then write form information to a database or google sheet (Service 2), and finally bill the customer (Service 3). Not much you cannot do. It has also many options for connecting form outputs to apps, databases and more.

I used the mapping feature to bring items (like customer logo, address, etc.) into the form output from a Google sheet where I stored all that customer information. You can also use mapping to do math on form fields (e.g,. tax on invoice, add up items for a total) and output the math result to a field in the output template (called at app field). Mapping is available throughout and once understood, it is one of the most powerful and useful features for customization. Best to read the manual and then try it with the generous free account.

Finally, Form Director has excellent and timely support. I ran into a few issues mapping images into the output. Images would come out as an unlinked url to the Google Drive address of the image rather than displaying the image itself. Same for file uploads. Support dealt with this in a few days. If you have not guessed I'm a happy user!" 

~ Mark Z

"Form Director is an amazing add-on that I highly recommend to anyone looking to automate anything via Google. From using it to make workbooks to creating automated mailing list the only limits to this add-on are your imagination. Simply fantastic, buy and support!" 

~ Drake Austin

"This simple to use app is fantastic in meeting an obvious gap in many forms to database processes like ours.  More than that though, the developer is very helpful with support.

Just have to say again how good these guys are with fast support.  Even in these challenging times!" 

~ A User of Form Director

"Forms Director is by bar the best add on i know for automation.... 

If you need Automated Email Notifications, this tool gives you much more. it is pretty Intuitive and super customizable. 

Lets you mail pdf files with dynamic data to your customers.

Can connect your form to almost anything (sheets,calander,database,docs, paypal and more)

For date formatting there is Midle east support which really helpfull.

Customer service is there for you. replied fast to any question i had."

~ A User of Form Director

"Very useful add-on. Had an issue but fixed it easily with the help of excellent customer support. Tip for new users: Make sure to allow all cookies on your browser including those from third parties. Also look for their instructional videos on Youtube if needed." 

~ A User of Form Director

"This add-on is a great addition to allow me to revamp one of our Google Forms in order to send emails and track the requests in a Google Sheet. It is easier to use than the previous process we were using. The support is very helpful as well. Thank you all!!"

~ Terry Hessey

"This is a great add-on! I use it with Google Forms and Sheets. When someone submits a response on the form I have it publish data on another sheet and automatically send an email with the data to several people. It's pretty easy to configure and has great options. I also needed support and got a very quick response from the developer. Great stuff!" 

~ A User of Form Director

"This app has been great for us. The team continues to develop it and are VERY responsive. We have used it to create thousands of documents and emails for us. There have been a few glitches over the year or so that we have used it, but when they occur someone is fixing it for us within hours." 

~ A User of Form Director

"I use it to generate a report of a tutoring session. Logical and easy to create and change. It has saved me the chore of copying and massaging the contents of the Google spreadsheet into Word." 

~ A User of Form Director

"This add-on has saved our office countless hours and resources by automating the creation of Google Docs, based on responses through Google Form submissions. Great product!"

Michael Vince 

 New York University

"Easy to use and clear instructions allow the user to utilize form data in almost any application. I cannot wait to try the full unlimited version." 

~ A User of Form Director

"The Form Director app is the best thing that ever happened to Google Forms! I found it easy to understand and setup thanks to the documented features. Our business takes in information for many different people and purposes, and this app in particular has helped us standardize and automate our information flows. They also provide great support." 

~ Lydia

Lyra Small Business Services

"Great solution to map my form to a custom spreadsheet and send out group emails. Support is very responsive." 

~ A User of Form Director

"It is grate add-on and easy for use."

~ A User of Form Director

"Form Director is just what my company needed to integrate Google Forms with our Slack channels. There are a lot of great features you can use to customize. Additionally, the customer service is EXCELLENT. So glad we paid for the Pro version!" 

~ A User of Form Director

"This is a great app! It solves common data entry and workflow issues by pushing data captured in google forms to variety of destination systems. The owner and developer, Michaes, was extremely helpful in troubleshooting when we ran into a minor technical issue. It's refreshing to get support from someone who actually knows the product they are selling inside and out. I will continue to use this add-on and recommend it to others." 

~ A User of Form Director

"Great addon, packed with features! Using it to create multiple workflows. Support is great as well, taking onboard all the suggestions." 

~ Circus Guide Entertainment Agency

"Super easy to figure out. EXCELLENT customer service, even though we are 12 hours difference. They bent over backward to help me figure out solutions for my workflow. Bravo!" 

~ A User of Form Director

"It is so intuitive and automated, I love it. Can't wait to explore it in other ways also. Exactly what I needed after hours of struggling with other apps that don't work. Tx so much."

~ A User of Form Director

"WHAT AN INCREDIBLE APP AND TEAM! I am transferring over from a similar add-on, due to lack of functionality and efficient customer service. The team at Form Director has helped support a smooth transition, including building out the add on to include a substantial additional feature that my former add-on had, all in under a week from my initial inquiry about the possibility of adding the feature. I am really impressed and happy I made the transition." 

~ A User of Form Director

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