Make business automation easy with Form Director on Google Forms

Direct your form responses to any application that you want.

Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Mail, QuickBooks, Insightly, Trello and more

What is Form director ?

Direct Google Form data to apps within and outside GSuite.

This “Form Director” add-on enables Google Form to direct submitted data to various applications like Google Document, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Tasks, Google Sheets, Cloud Databases, Datastores, QuickBooks etc.

Look what our customer says

"The Form Director app is the best thing that ever happened to Google Forms! I found it easy to understand and setup thanks to the documented features. Our business takes in information for many different people and purposes, and this app in particular has helped us standardize and automate our information flows. They also provide great support"


"Great solution to map my form to a custom spreadsheet and send out group emails. Support is very responsive"


"This add-on has saved our office countless hours and resources by automating the creation of Google Docs, based on responses through Google Form submissions. Great product! "

~Michael J Vince

Supported Applications

G Suite

Save the form data into as many as Google Sheets as per your mapping of headers with Form fields.

Create calendar events in Google Calendar from the data submitted in Google Form

Merge form data with Google slide template and publish into Google Drive as Google slide and PDF

Merge form data with Google document template and publish into Google Drive as Google document and PDF

Create tasks in Google Tasks from the data submitted in Google Form

Create contacts in Google Contacts from the data submitted in Google Form

Send Mails from the data submitted with predefined templates


Connect with databases on the cloud/ Internet, create records from the data submitted from Google Form


Create Leads, Contacts, Opportunities

Create Contacts in your HubSpot CRM on Form Submission


Connect with QuickBooks and create Entities


Connect with Trello and create trello cards

Connect with Asana and create tasks in Asana


Connect with Slack and send Messages to Slack Channels

Looking for a new app ?

Looking for your favourite app in this list? Give us a feature request

Who needs Form Director ?

  • Form Director is created for making things easier for business, organisations, institutions to direct Google Form data to their apps
  • It is for anyone who wants to make Google Form more effective for his/her business.

Overall, Form Director will make your Google Form data dance to your tune.