Why Buy ?

10 reasons why you should buy "Form Director"?

  • Popular add-on that turns your Google Form submissions into Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar events etc.

  • Automate the creation of Google Documents based on Google form submissions.

  • Very simple and easy user interface.

  • Multiple Apps and Services integration from single form.

  • Integrated with 25+ apps (Supported Apps).

  • Save multiple application services and use it when you need.

  • Directly map your form question to that of your application fields.

  • Send your own customised emails on form submission to your audience.

  • Get notified when an error occurred.

  • Reprocess your old responses on failed/ changed/new services.

  • Execute your services based on conditions (Service Condition).

  • Send your previous service result to the next service(Service Chaining).

  • Form Director and its services can be switched On/Off whenever required.

  • Unlimited email support, we love answering you. Contact Us.

  • Quick turnaround and resolution on bugs or issues.

  • Continuously adding more features (Ask for a new Feature) and improving stability and performance.

  • Dedicated website with rich set of materials, articles and blog posts.