Empower yourself to use the form responses as you wish.

"6 different mapping types combined with automatic mapping - the real booster for connecting whatever we wish to connect from responses to apps"

What is Mapping?

Mapping is a configuration in Form Director that defines how to arrive at the value of the dynamic fields in ${fieldname} format for the selected Application (App Field). This is a powerful feature that helps users to configure what they want as value for the App fields.

For example, a text value submitted in the form for question "What is your Name?" can be mapped to "First Name" in the Contact App.


It is important to understand the terminology as it is referred through-out in Form Director documentations.

Types of Mapping

Mapping can be done by one of the following way

Mapping App Field with Form Field

Mapping App Field with Templated Values

Mapping App Field With Calculated Values

Mapping App Field with Service Result

Mapping App Field with Lookup

Mapping App Field with Conditional