Clone Services

What is Clone Service?

Often, users want to replicate the Form Director configuration from one Google Form to another. Simply making copy of Google Form from G Suite/ Google Drive will not copy the configured Form Director services.

This "Clone" tool in Form Director makes a copy of Google Form along with configured Form Director services in to a new Google Form. This comes very handy to users as they do not need to repeat configuration of Form Director.

Note: Form responses are not copied (only Form Director configuration is copied)

Tip: Once cloned, open Form Director on the newly cloned Google Form and verify the configuration. Do few trial submissions before launching to bigger audience.

How do I clone my services?

  • Select Tools from the list of menu.
  • Click Clone Button.
  • A copy of the Google Form and its services will be created and saved in your Drive,
  • Click the link that is generated to check the cloned form and its services.