How to open

  • Click on Add-on icon from the form.
  • Choose Form Director from the list of add-on.

Setup and create a service

  • Click Setup from the menu.

A Form Director welcome screen appears with Start setup and Try Demo button.

  • Click Start setup button to start the setup.
  • Click Try Demo to get a demo on Form Director.

  • Select the App required to create new service.

  • Provide a name to the service.
  • Choose the Application.
  • Choose the Service.
  • Set the status of the Service.

  • Configure your service
  • Select or create your required template.
  • Select or create the required folder to save the generated file.
  • Click on Setup Mapping

  • Map Form Questions with your App Fields.

Setup Notifications for your service.

  • Click Edit Email Template to customize your email template.

  • Customize the email template as required for your users.

  • Click Pick Drive Files to choose attachments if required from google drive.
  • Click Save to save the services.