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How do I enable timezone to accept form submissions from international users to create Google Calendar Event?

One of the apps in Form Director is to connect with Google Calendar and create event based on submitted data from Google Forms.

It is easy to configure "Google Calendar" as an App and select "Create Event" as service. Then pickup a Calendar from list of available calendars. And configure the mapping of Form Fields and App Fields normally.

This works fine with users responding to Google Forms from the same timezone. However, when you have international users/ customers responding to your Google Form, the timezone of your Google Calendar gets mixed up with your users' timezone and the events get created in different time than expected.

This is because the plain Google Forms' date and time fields does not have timezone in-built. It always captures the date and time in local timezone of your user. So it becomes challenge to handle the timezones correctly and record events with correct start and end date times.

In Form Director, we are addressing this by providing a timezone settings. Using the timezone settings, you can setup the timezones of your users.

  • Tick "Timezone Settings" checkbox
  • Choose the time zones of your Google Form users
  • Choose a input field in the Google Form (the user to select his/her timezone when submitting the form)
  • Click on "Setup timezone in form"
  • Check the Google form whether your timezone field is setup correctly.
  • Click "Save" to save the service.

The picture here shows the sample field in the form after setting up the timezone.

Now, your international users can submit form responses and those gets created into your calendar without any timezone issue.

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