Form Limiter

What is Form Limiter?

Form Director is a tool in Form Director that allows users to limit your Form responses. This will allow users to generate rules to control when to open or close form to accept responses.

How do I use Form Limiter?

  • Select Tools from the list of menu.
  • Click Form Limiter Button.

  • Switch the status of Form Limiter as Open.
  • Switch on Activate Form Limiter.
  • Switch on Open Form only on specified timeline.
  • Select the required timezone.
  • It will automatically select the timing as Anytime.
  • Click the Add icon to add more fields.
  • Click on Delete icon to delete the fields.
  • Mention the number of response after which the Form needs to be closed.
  • Setup the Start date and End date for Form Limiter.
  • Select Anytime or Specific time.
  • Select the start date and end date.
  • Select the start time and end time.
  • Click Ok to save.
  • Switch on Notify when form closes and select the template and configure it as required.
  • Switch on Notify when form opens and select the template and configure it as required.
  • The email template looks like the following.
  • Click Save to save the services.

Now open your Form and configure your Form Director services and try using Form Limiter and get benefited.