Send Invite Letters

Use Case: Send Invite Letters

Generate Invite Letters from a templated Google document and send to customer via email on submission of Google Form.

step 1: Prepare INVITE Template

Below is the template of Invite Letters written as Google Doc. 

Please note the dynamic fields in ${field} format. These will get replaced with actual values submitted in the form based on the mapping configured in Form Director.

Party Invitation

Step 2: Prepare a Google Form

Prepare a Google Form that collects proposal inputs such as guest name, address, email, function name, date, time etc. 

See below for the Google Form.

Step 3: Configure Form Director 

Configure Form Director with "Google Docs" Publish Document service.


Step 4: Test the form

Test the form by submitting sample data on the form in step 2.

Adjust your Template, Form Director configuration for Fields mapping, Email templates etc., till you get to the perfection of output and email that you wanted.

Sent Invite Letters  : Form Link

Generated sample PDF Output :

Party Invitation_16_02_2019_07_10 AM.pdf

Step 5: Roll it out.

Start using the Google Form and roll it out to other users or your audiences as appropriate.

That's it.

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